Układ rozruchu, bezpośredniego MSC-D-32-M32(24VDC)

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Product range
  MSC Motor-starter combinations
Basic function
  DOL starters (complete units)
Basic device
  Motor starter combinations MSC
Motor ratings
Motor rating
DILM contactors
Rated operational current 400 V
Rated short-circuit current 380 - 415 V
Setting range
Setting range of overload releases
IrA25 - 32
  Type of coordination “1”
Type of coordination “2”
Contact sequence
Actuating voltage
  24 V DC
  DC voltage
Motor-protective circuit-breakersPKZM0-32
DOL starter wiring set

Mechanical connection element and electrical electric contact modulePKZM0-XDM32

The DOL starter (complete device) consists of a PKZM0 motor protective circuit breaker and a DILM contactor.

With the adapter-less top-hat rail mounting of starters up to 15 A, only the motor protective circuit breaker on the top-hat rail requires an adapter. The contactors are provided with mechanical support via a mechanical connection element.

Control wire guide with max. 6 conductors up to 2.5°mm external diameter or 4 conductors up to 3.5°mm external diameter.

From 16 A, the motor protective circuit breaker and contactor are mounted on the top hat rail adapter plate.

The connection of the main circuit between PKZ and contactor is established with electrical contact modules.

When using the auxiliary contacts DILA‐XHIT… (→ 101042) the plug-in electrical connector can be removed without the removal of the front mounting auxiliary contact.


BK25/3-PKZ0-E extension terminal and if necessary B3.../...-PKZ0 three-phase commoning link can be added to motor-starter combinations to make Type F starters in accordance with UL508.

UL 508 (on request)
CSA C 22.2 No. 14 (on request)
Mounting position
Main conducting paths
Rated impulse withstand voltage
UimpV AC6000
Overvoltage category/pollution degree
Rated operational voltage
UeV230- 415
Additional technical data
Motor protective circuit breaker PKZM0, PKE
  PKZM0 motor-protective circuit-breakers, see motor-protective circuit-breakers/PKZM0 product group
DILM contactors, see contactors product group
DILET timing relay, ETR, see contactors, electronic timing relays product group
Technical data according to ETIM 4.0
Connection type main circuit
  Screw connection
Protection type (IP)
Rated control voltage Us at AC 60HZ
  DOL starter
Setting range of overload releases
Type of coordination
Motor rating at AC-3, 400 V
Voltage type for actuation
Rated operational current Ie
Rated control voltage Us at DC
Rated conditional short-circuit current Iq
With short-circuit release
Rated control voltage Us at AC 50HZ

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