Adapter na szyny zbiorcze szer. 45mm 25A

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Adapter na szyny zbiorcze szer. 45mm 25A 2szyna BBA0-25/2TS

    Approved to UL 508
For fitting to flat Cu-busbars with 60 mm between busbar centres, suitable for 5 mm and 10 mm busbar thickness
Rated operational current 25 A
Can be used universally
Rated operational voltage
Ue V 690
Rated operational current
Ie A 25
Terminal capacity
    AWG 12
(4 mm²)
Adapter width
  mm 45
Adapter length
  mm 200
DIN rail
  Quantity 2

Mounting rail can be offset on 1.25 mm grid.

Product Standards UL 508A; CSA-C22.2 No. 14; IEC60439-1; CE marking
UL File No. E300273
CSA File No. 232140
CSA Class No. 3211-37
NA Certification UL Recognized, CSA certified
Specially designed for NA No
Max. Voltage Rating 600 V AC
Technical data according to ETIM 4.0
Rail spacing
  mm 60
Mounting rail equipment
    2 mounting rails
Max. current rail thickness
  mm 10
Width of component adapter
  mm 45
Rail width
  mm 35
Min. current rail thickness
  mm 5
Design of electrical connection
    Round conductor/copper flat conductor
Rated current In
  A 25

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